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It is estimated that, if all homes and businesses around the world changed to LED lighting, the potential savings would amount to $180 million and would reduce CO2 emissions by 680 tons. LED trade show lighting fixtures is the main technological revolution in the trade show lighting field since the creation of the electric light bulb in the late nineteenth century. Human beings need artificial lighting once night falls in order to continue their activities. Currently, this major trend adds concern for the environment, which leads people to think of more efficient lighting sources.

If individuals consider that 19% of global energy consumption is lighting, the potential savings from the use of LED technology are very high. Households can contribute to these savings by adopting energy efficient solutions, such as LED lighting. LED technology has a number of advantages over traditional lighting, which makes them suitable for any type of installation. This type of light provides low energy consumption, which can be up to 90% less than incandescent, and its long life, up to 50,000 hours vs 1000h with incandescent bulbs. This longer life translates into decreased maintenance and replacement. At the same time, it cannot be recycled because it contains heavy metals such as mercury. Lighting Expo can help people decide which is best for their home or business.

Options based on LED technology are easy to install, in most cases by direct replacement, and can provide light where and when needed, avoiding wasteful lighting. These lights have instantaneous re-ignition as well. Finally, living in a digital technology age allows people to add many types of lighting wherever it is needed. Technology can also allow a person to change the color scale of lighting). This feature allows people to adapt their lighting to the needs of each moment, at both a household and professional level.

The range of existing Lighting Expo products on the market is wide. Depending on the use, choosing the best solution may be a dilemma for the consumer. When choosing LED bulbs, he or she must take into account certain things. First off, people should choose the color temperature they want because this involves the type of lighting that is provided. One temperature is considered warm white (yellow) and is ideal for intimate and pleasant surroundings, like in bedrooms and the living room. Another is considered neutral white, perfect for creating general lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, study areas or hallways. To determine which option is best for you or your business, contact a professional today.

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