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It is not uncommon for people to run out of storage space even after deleting old backups and eliminating unwanted photos and videos. With their iphone memory full many people feel it means they have few options except to purchase more cloud storage. However, there are a few other options that allow iphone users to free up some of their space without making an additional investment.

Adjust The Settings

Factory settings often store items that the user does not really want or need. By reviewing their current settings on iCloud it is possible to create space by deleting whatever is unnecessary. By switching the setting off the device it prevents it from saving the same information in the future as well.

Eliminate Unwanted Apps

An iphone full of unused apps is one that is wasting space. Many people download apps, use them once or twice and forget they exist. Review game apps especially because many of them take up a lot of room. There is no reason to save an app because it was purchased and may become useful or wanted again. These remain in the iCloud to re-download at any time.

Make Some Deletions

Entertainment options are a common cause of storage issues because Movies and books with graphics use up an exceptional amount of space. Movies and books are easy to download again if the user is interested in them at a later date. Making a habit of deleting both after viewing them will prevent receiving any frustrating icloud storage space messages.

Find Additional Storage

A simple way for prolific photographers to prevent keeping their iphone storage full of old, but important photos is to use a free online service. Many photo websites and photo cloud services offer storage options for their members. The photos are accessible online through the device, so they are retrievable whenever the owner wants them. Also, make certain the phone is not saving non-HDR images by turning the "keep normal photo" switch off in their phone settings. This deletes the lower quality version of each photo, but retains the higher quality image most users prefer.

Staying aware of the amount of storage that is free on a device ensures that iPhone users never miss the perfect photo or have their videos or downloads interrupted due to lack of space. In most instances it means eliminating unwanted items rather than spending money for more storage room. A weekly removal of unneeded items stored over the previous few days will keep the issue under control.

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